Cypher by ICDLogic Helps Clinicians Master ICD-10 Coding in 60 Minutes or Less

Rapid Readiness Platform supports reported 57% of practices still unprepared for October 1 transition

Mamaroneck, NY September 8, 2015—ICDLogic, an innovator in clinical documentation and ICD-10 compliant solutions, today announced its Rapid Readiness platform that enables physicians, nurses and other point of care professionals to document compliantly and code in ICD-10 in 60 minutes or less.  Research recently released from an August 2015 study by Porter Research, and commissioned by medical claims clearinghouse, Navicure, reports that 57% of respondents are not on track for the federally mandated changeover on October 1.

“Clinicians don’t have the time to learn and master the complexity of ICD-10,” says ICDLogic CEO, Monique Fayad. “They should not have to be distracted by becoming coding experts in order to get paid for their services. The software should do the coding. So we’ve created Cypher, an automated, functional learning tool that teaches clinicians the complexity of ICD-10 while they see patients, and simultaneously improves clinical documentation to protect against denials and queries.”

Cash flow denial due to incorrect reimbursement code assignment was the single biggest fear practices cited in the Porter research. More than 94% of study participants expect increases in denials of payment, yet only 30% have taken steps to improve their denials processes. A June 2015 study fielded by the Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI) also found nearly 50% of small practices were still unprepared for ICD-10.

ICDLogic’s Rapid Readiness platform involves short video tutorials and a Getting Started guide that reside in its cloud-based Cypher software. There’s nothing to download or install. Users rapidly customize Cypher for ICD-10 codes based on their specific medical specialty. Because Cypher is highly intuitive and built for speed and ease of use, physicians quickly learn to identify the most specific and accurate ICD-10 code in minutes.

“We have found that Cypher virtually eliminates ICD-10 training costs for clinicians based on consistent user feedback. More importantly, by automatically generating the most specific ICD-10 codes and guiding clinicians to document comprehensively, Cypher minimizes queries and provides protection against denials so clinicians can spend more time with patients and less time protecting cash flow,” says Fayad. “Doctors and nurses are entitled to swift reimbursement for the wonderful care they deliver, without having to become coding experts. That is our mission at ICDLogic.”

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