What is Cypher?

Cypher is a clinical documentation tool that quickly, easily and accurately lets you document a patient’s condition completely, while automatically generating the most specific codes ensuring appropriate reimbursement.

Are there different versions of Cypher?

Yes, each is developed for the specific user:

Cypher Clinical edition developed by physicians and CDI experts for clinicians to be used at the point-of-care.

Cypher Reference edition developed by coders and CDI experts for coders, billers and related staff is perfect for staff to ensure the accuracy of the clinician’s documentation.

Cypherlink can integrate with any cloud-based EHR or PM system and gives you all the features and benefits of Cypher.

Is Cypher an EHR?

No.  Cypher is a clinical documentation tool that can be used as a standalone or integrate in any EHR or PM system.

Could Cypher integrate with my current EHR?

Yes.  Cypherlink, integrates with any cloud-based EHR or PM system, and provides the same navigation as the Clinical and Reference Editions.

Can Cypher be used by any size organization?

Yes.  Cypher was designed to be used by any size and any type of organization that requires clinical documentation and/or coding and billing.

Can I see a demonstration of Cypher before I purchase?

Yes. Click here to watch a video demo. Or, if you want to request a live, online demo, click here.

How long does a live online demo take?

About 30 minutes.

Is Cypher HIPAA compliant?


Why would a coder, biller or administrative staff need to use Cypher?

The document summary page includes a Clinical Decision Tree, so staff can review the clinician’s documentation minimizing queries.  They can spot omissions, correct inaccuracies, and make more targeted queries.  Ultimately minimizing denials, defend against audits and help clinicians document with greater specificity and accuracy.

Do I need to know coding to use Cypher Clinical?

No. Cypher uses clinical terminology. The code is automatically generated after enough information has been gathered to submit an accurate bill.    

Can Cypher be used in any specialty?

Cypher contains all the codes and conditions in ICD-10 CM.  Being organized by specialty allows quick and easy access to the top conditions most physicians see 80% of the time.

How long does it take to document a patient encounter?

Most patient encounters take less than a minute, or in as few as 3-5 clicks.

Is Cypher’s application easy to use?

Document a patient encounter in 3 easy steps.  Select the condition, specify the details with accurate guidance and document thoroughly with the most specific auto-generated codes.

Can I use Cypher as a learning tool?

Yes.  Cypher helps everyone in the care continuum escape the treadmill of expensive training and pointless code memorization.  ICD-10 Guidance Panels and Proprietary Clinical Documentation Improvement Monographs provide guidance at every click, where you need it and when you need it.

Can I use Cypher while I see a patient?

Yes.  Cypher was designed to be used concurrent with care.

Can I customize it based on my practice or hospital use?

Organize your condition selections by specialty.  In addition, the Favorites and Frequently Used Work Box saves time by organizing the conditions you see most often.  Cypher automatically tracks every user click to produce a “digital record” of conditions that have been diagnosed.

My specialty now requires dozens/hundreds of selections in ICD-10 based on the episode of care.  How difficult is it to find this information in Cypher?

Built-in Clinical Filters rapidly reduces the number of clicks needed to document in specialties disproportionately impacted by the increased number of ICD-10 codes, such as Orthopedics and OBGYN

Does Cypher store the documentation?

Yes.  You can save your clinical documentation and easily retrieve it from secure, HIPAA compliant folders within “My Documents”.

How do I find the conditions I need to document?

You can search by condition, ICD-10 code or even ICD-9 code. You can also search by clinical abbreviations, aliases and eponyms.

Can I make notes in Cypher?

Yes.  Cypher Clinical edition easily captures progress notes for every patient encounter.

What about Referral Forms?

The codes you generate automatically populate the built-in referral forms that can be printed and handed directly to the patient.

How much does Cypher cost?

As low as $39 per month per license  For complete details here’s our Price Chart.

How is it billed?

By month or by year to accommodate any budget.  For complete details see the Price Chart.

How many users are supported by a license?

Cypher subscriptions are designed for one license per user.

Are there purchase minimums?

No.  Just buy what you need.

Are there volume discounts?

Yes, starting  at 11 or more licenses.

What if I’m not completely satisfied?

If, for any reason, you wish to cancel your subscription to Cypher, you may cancel your subscription at any time upon 60 days written notice.  For complete details, read our Cancellation Policy.

Do I need to install Cypher?

No.  It’s cloud-based.

Is Cypher easy to set up?

Yes. No matter how many licenses your organization subscribes to, the Administrative tool in Cypher shows you step by step how to add in all users and help them set up passwords.

After I purchase Cypher, how long will it take before I can start using it?

Cypher will be ready to use after your payment has been processed and you set up your username and password.  Simply login and you can begin documenting immediately.  

Can I use Cypher on any device?  From any location?

Yes, all you need is an internet connection.  See System Requirements.  Cypher’s built with responsive design so the layout adjusts to any screen size—desktop, laptop or tablet. Mobile phones are not recommended as some features may be lost.

How long does it take to learn how to use Cypher?

Typically, about 30 minutes.  It’s that easy!

What assistance or training does ICDLogic offer to assist in learning to use Cypher?

There’s a built in interactive Help Index as well as a Getting Started Guide that take you the process step by step.  Plus downloadable documents and short video tutorials and Customer Support is available 7 days a week, 8 a.m. through 8 p.m. for questions and assistance.  Call 1-844-452-0808 or email our experts at support@icdlogic.com.  

Are customers satisfied with Cypher?

Cypher gets many rave reviews from our clients in a variety of healthcare settings. Read some of them here.


Where does Cypher get its expertise?

ICDLogic has brought together physicians, regulatory and compliance strategists, coding and CDI experts to develop, write and edit the content.