Cypher Clinical Edition helps you generate more specific diagnoses and communicate more comprehensively to mitigate risk and maximize appropriate reimbursement. Developed by physicians and CDI experts, this simple to learn and use tool is very affordable for practices and hospitals of any size. 

Cypher features the top-reported ICD-10 codes for your specialty, so you can quickly find the most applicable codes for your claims. This reliable and easy web-based system will enable your practice to make a smooth transition to ICD-10-CM 2017.

Here’s how Cypher by ICDLogic can help your practice:

  • Quick Reference: With just a quick lookup of clinical key words, you can locate the most specific ICD-10 code.
  • Reliable: Certified professional coders and CDI professionals review all the information in Cypher, making it a resource you can trust.
  • Time Saver: This quick-reference tool lets you pinpoint the correct code(s) in seconds.
  • Reduced Claim Rejection: Cypher helps your practice reduce the possibility of claim rejection by rapidly identifying complete, correct, claim-supporting ICD-10 codes.
  • Affordable: This anytime, anywhere quick reference has budget-friendly pricing.
  • Easy to use: Cypher’s interface is easy to learn and use in your office, practice, or workstation. Cypher can be used on any device with Internet access, including laptops, desktops, tablets, ipads and smartphones.

Subscriptions start at $59/monthly or $599 annually. Learn more.


Intelligent Search 


Customize by

Favorites / Frequently Used Work Box


Work smarter by searching for conditions, name, or code. The Intelligent Search bar is pre-loaded with abbreviations and shortcuts that save time.

Work faster by changing the home page to display the Top 50 Conditions most often seen in a specialty.

Save time by organizing the conditions you see most often. Gain insight and go paperless because Cypher automatically tracks every user click to produce a “digital record” of conditions that have been diagnosed.


>Proprietary Intuitive,
 Guided Navigation

>Proprietary ICD-10
 Guidance Panels

>Clinical Documentation


Clinical Filters


increase productivity while thinking clinically about a diagnosis, not a code.

Achieve the highest level of accuracy in diagnostic and documentation specificity by following expert ICD-10 guidance.

Mitigate risk and maximize appropriate reimbursement by communicating underlying causes, additional factors, complications and comorbidities that signal severity of illness and risk of mortality. 

Save time and increase accuracy in documenting episode of care, wound class, alignment, trimester and other concepts new to ICD-10.


My Documents PHI Storage 

Document Notes

>Proprietary CDI Monographs

>Proprietary ICD-10 DocuTips

SOAP Notes & Referral Forms


Access PHI anywhere, anytime in a secure, HIPAA compliant document library.

Increase efficiency and organization with SOAP Notes and Referral Forms that are part of the workflow.

All the information you need for compliant documentation organized in an easy to access, condition-specific, clickable format.

Reduce queries and denials by following a dictation guide that ensures your documentation substantiates code assignment.

Save time generating progress notes while you work, and coded referral forms can be printed and handed to the patient.

Online access from a desktop or laptop
Works with the following browsers:

  • Chrome – v35+
  • Firefox – v35+
  • Internet Explorer – v11+
  • Safari – v5.1+

Cookies and JavaScript must be enabled.

Online access from a mobile device
Go to if your device supports HTML, cookies, and JavaScript.

Works with the following mobile devices and operating systems:

  • Any iPad® running iOS 6 or higher
  • Android devices running Android OS version 2.2 or higher
  • Any Windows 8® tabletAndroid and Windows devices must have at least 50 MB of free memory

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