ICDLogic Partners with Karen Zupko & Associates to promote ICD-10 Rapid Readiness with Cypher Software

August 20, 2015, Mamaroneck, NY ICDLogic, an innovator in clinical documentation and ICD-10 compliant solutions, today announced its partnership with Karen Zupko & Associates, a preeminent healthcare practice-management consulting and training firm, to sell Cypher by ICDLogic, an ICD-10 software solution developed for clinicians. Cypher is the only ICD-10 software that comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and an ICD-10 Rapid Readiness platform that ensures individual users can be ready to document compliantly in about an hour.

With less than 6 weeks before the mandatory cutover to ICD-10, an independent study by the Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI) suggests that nearly 50% of physician offices are still unprepared. These clinical settings need an easy, affordable workflow solution that has them up and running immediately.

“Our brand has been built on the pillars of trust, ethical counsel and skills mastery, working for and with physicians since 1985,” said Karen Zupko, President, Karen Zupko & Associates. “We decided to partner with ICDLogic after a thorough vetting of their culture, software, processes and reference accounts. Cypher is a real game changer, because it’s affordable, incredibly easy to use, accurate, comprehensive and is supported by exceptional customer service.”

Cypher is an intuitive web-based clinical documentation and ICD-10 workflow tool built for speed, ease of use, and expert clinical documentation guidance. Designed by clinicians, coders and CDI experts, Cypher generates the most specific ICD-10 and ICD-9 codes based on clinical thinking. It reminds clinicians to document relevant underlying causes, additional factors, complications and comorbidities that accurately convey severity of illness. Coding and intake staff can use the tool to develop targeted queries and improve workplace productivity.

“Karen Zupko & Associates is at the pinnacle of healthcare consultancies,” says ICDLogic CEO Monique Fayad. “It’s a brand synonymous with quality, leadership and innovation. We were excited to see how well our corporate philosophies blend, and are committed to serve KZA customers to far exceed their expectations.”

“ICDLogic’s ICD-10 Rapid Readiness and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee is a concept providers are sure to welcome during this momentous change in reimbursement,” says Zupko. “But I’ll be surprised if any orthopedics practices ask for money back once they see how robust and well thought out Cypher is. It’s very apparent that many of the physicians helping to design Cypher are orthopods.”

About Karen Zupko & Associates

For more than 30 years, Karen Zupko & Associates has been serving physician practices in orthopedics, otolaryngology, dermatology and plastic, neuro, vascular and general surgery. Seasoned senior healthcare advisors develop and deliver national workshops, webinars and articles considered to be the gold standard on subjects like writing job descriptions and building employee manuals, creating patient centered cultures and improving revenue cycle. For more information visit www.karenzupko.com or call 312-642-5616.
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About ICDLogic

ICDLogic builds intuitive, web-based clinical documentation and coding software that enables providers to easily comply with complex healthcare reimbursement regulations, and to receive timely and fair reimbursement for the care they provide. Focused on improving documentation accuracy and efficiency, ICDLogic’s fast, easy and affordable tools empower providers to avoid lost productivity and protect cash flow by minimizing the queries and denials that are forecast to increase with the ICD-10 implementation transition in October 2015. For more information visit us at www.icdlogic.com or call 844-452-0808.

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